Fabian Hemmert

PhD Candidate and Researcher at Design Research Lab

Bodily Experiences of the Digital


How our body treats digital information like physical stuff, information consumption like food consumption, and technical devices like social, living beings.

For many people, the digital world is still hard to grasp. It leaves us cognitively overwhelmed, and bodily unchallenged.
In this session Fabian will develop how our experience of the digital world is metaphorically physical and impacts on our body.
He will demonstrate ways to make us physically embrace the digital world through industrial and interaction design - by giving life to objects based on their digital presence.
Finally, he will raise the fundamental question of whether we want devices that are behaving like humans, or - worse - humans that are becoming robots.

Fabian Hemmert

Fabian Hemmert

PhD Candidate and Researcher
Design Research Lab
Berlin, Germany

Inventor, PhD student and TED speaker on shape-changing mobile phones of the future.

Young researcher, Fabian has nevertheless an impressive record, as he’s already worked for Nintendo Europe et Marvel Comics. His performance talks have been noticed and much commented on during SXSW 2012 & 2013 and TEDxBerlin, especially the one devoted to shape-shifiting cell phones. Fascinated with the non-visual communication techniques, he explores the impact of feeling, weight, touch and movement. He is now a guest professor for Interface Design at Kunsthochschule Muthesius In Kiel, Germany.


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Improve and develop your skills, attending human-sized workshops, blending together creativity and pragmatism. Get a chance to turn theory into practice and to ask questions about your own projects and endeavours.
Share moments and ideas with the UX community, as well as connecting and amplifying your network and its impact. Meet innovators and people sharing your interests from all across Switzerland and Europe, discuss your projects and get a whiff of the new trends.
Learn from the best and take a dip in the creative world. Benefit from emulation and collective learning, working with set purposes and increasing your scope on Design, Interaction and User Experience.
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Organized by UXRomandie

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