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Janina Woods

Janina Woods

Game Designer and founder

Zurich, CH

Gamedesigner, Mostly Harmless. Black Island.

Talk: The Virtual Reality Experience

An interactive overview of current state of the virtual reality interactions.

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Anna Dahlström

Anna Dahlström

Founder and Interaction Designer

London, UK

Swedish IA+UX designer with a soft spot for cafes, challenges & flexible working.

Workshop: Device Agnostic Design

how to get your content to go anywhere.

Fabian Hemmert

Fabian Hemmert

PhD Candidate and Researcher
Design Research Lab

Berlin, Germany

Inventor, PhD student and TED speaker on shape-changing mobile phones of the future.

Talk: Bodily Experiences of the Digital

How our body treats digital information like physical stuff, information consumption like food consumption, and technical devices like social, living beings.

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Birgit Geiberger & Peter Boersma

Birgit Geiberger & Peter Boersma

Digital Strategy Director at Osudio
Interaction Design Director at Blast Radius

Amsterdam, Netherlands

“UX Team of Two” - 2 experienced UX Designers consulting to a global client base, giving and organizing workshops & other UX design events.

Talk: UX sells, but not by itself

A deep exploration on the mechanism of selling UX.

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Workshop: Do The Right Thing

Learn how to make your design accepted by building a better understanding of the design process and the people you will interact with.

Oliver Reichenstein

Oliver Reichenstein

CEO & Founder
Information Architects Inc

Tokyo, Japan

CEO & Founder of the Information Architects design agency.

Talk: Information ↔ Entropy

Will information technology affect our minds the same way the environment was affected by our analogue technology?

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Nicolas Nova

Nicolas Nova

Near Future Laboratory

Geneva, CH

Near Future Laboratory + HEAD–Geneve design research and ethnography in the field of digital technologies

Workshop: Design Ethnography and User-Centered Design : The missing link

How to make your user research actionable.

Ryan Rumsey

Ryan Rumsey

User Experience Leader
Nestlé Institute of Health Science, Lausanne

Morges, Switzerland

Dad. Husband. Liverpool FC. Work: Directing Experience Design @ Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences Past: Apple, EA & Comcast.

Workshop: Let's get selfish.

Assessment as a means to drive your UX career.

Indi Young

Indi Young

Consultant, Rosenfeld Media author

San Fransisco, USA

Empathy researcher, writer, speaker ... creator of mental model diagrams ... on the roster of experts @rosenfeldmedia ... founding partner @adaptivepath

Talk: Practical Empathy

Get into the depth of the empathy and its use.

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Workshop: Empathy Is Not An Interview

What it takes to run a user resarch that makes sense.

Simon Raess

Simon Raess

Founder & Design Strategist

Zurich, CH

Design Strategist at Ginetta Web/Mobile

Talk: Mind the gap

The story of three brilliant designers and what we can learn from them.

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Giles Colborne

Giles Colborne

Cx Partners

Bristol, UK

Managing Director of cxpartners. Author of 'Simple and Usable'. Business Mentor. AKA 科尔伯恩 and 자일스 콜.

Talk: Delight and innovation

Delight and innovation are powerful words. Discover what hides behind it.

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Workshop: Simplicity / Efficiency

Why was it worth one company spending $350,000 to shave a second off an interaction? Should you do the same?

Adrian Zumbrunnen

Adrian Zumbrunnen

IA / UX / UI Designer

Zurich, Switzerland

User Experience Designer, Writer, Speaker and Coffee Enthusiast working in the beautiful city of Zurich. He creates memorable product and communication experiences by consequently putting the user in the center of all creative efforts.

Talk: On distraction-free reading experiences

Creating focussed reading experiences in a world full of distractions.

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Romina Kavcic

Romina Kavcic

Playful pixel crafter

Zurich, Switzerland

Playful pixel crafter. Passionate about improving the world near you with user-centered designs. Loves pandas, exploring online/offline space, technology.

Workshop: From Scratch to Visual Design

Understand and master the UX process.

Bonny Colville-Hyde

Bonny Colville-Hyde

User Experience Consultant
Rockpool Digital

Bristol, UK

UX Consultant who goes on adventures, dreams of Scandinavia, crafter & proud Girl Geek. I make UX comics too.

Workshop: UX Comics: Storytelling & Empathy in action

Learn how to make UX comics from scratch.

3 reasons to attend

Improve and develop your skills, attending human-sized workshops, blending together creativity and pragmatism. Get a chance to turn theory into practice and to ask questions about your own projects and endeavours.
Share moments and ideas with the UX community, as well as connecting and amplifying your network and its impact. Meet innovators and people sharing your interests from all across Switzerland and Europe, discuss your projects and get a whiff of the new trends.
Learn from the best and take a dip in the creative world. Benefit from emulation and collective learning, working with set purposes and increasing your scope on Design, Interaction and User Experience.
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Organized by UXRomandie

Local chapter of IxDA (Interaction Design Association), we organize monthly events to try restoring meaningful relationships between people and the products & services they use.


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