Nicolas Nova

Principal at Near Future Laboratory

Design Ethnography and User-Centered Design : The missing link


How to make your user research actionable.

One of the premises of User-Centered Design is that documenting people’s practices through field work (observation, interviews, etc.) is relevant to inspire and frame design or innovation. 

However - more often than not - this premise corresponds to a form of wishful thinking, as opposed to an actual approach used by designers. This problem is quite prevalent when it comes to explaining how to transfer results from field research to design purposes. This phase is indeed very briefly dealt with, or presented very quickly without a thorough explanation of the different sets of solution possibilities. This workshop focuses on how to use results and collected data from field research in order to turn them as a design output. 

The attendee will go through several activities to understand the different kind of insights that exist in field research and how they can be turned into design decisions for each steps of a project.

Nicolas Nova

Nicolas Nova

Near Future Laboratory
Geneva, CH

Near Future Laboratory + HEAD–Geneve design research and ethnography in the field of digital technologies

Nicolas is a researcher, ethnographer and writer. He undertakes desk research and field studies to inform and evaluate the creation of innovative products and services. His work is about identifying weak signals as well as exploring people’s needs, motivations and contexts to map new design opportunities and chart potential futures. He is also Professor at the Geneva University of Arts and Design (HEAD–Geneva).

Pasta and Vinegar

3 reasons to attend

Improve and develop your skills, attending human-sized workshops, blending together creativity and pragmatism. Get a chance to turn theory into practice and to ask questions about your own projects and endeavours.
Share moments and ideas with the UX community, as well as connecting and amplifying your network and its impact. Meet innovators and people sharing your interests from all across Switzerland and Europe, discuss your projects and get a whiff of the new trends.
Learn from the best and take a dip in the creative world. Benefit from emulation and collective learning, working with set purposes and increasing your scope on Design, Interaction and User Experience.
Presented by :ratio

A swiss web agency that specializes in the ergonomics and design of websites, mobile apps, intranets and machine interface.
Organized by UXRomandie

Local chapter of IxDA (Interaction Design Association), we organize monthly events to try restoring meaningful relationships between people and the products & services they use.

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